What Makes a Successful Triple Net Lease (NNN) Property?

Here we discuss the question of what makes a great Triple Net (NNN) Lease Property? Specifically, questions such as:

  • What is the most important criteria to consider for NNN Properties?
  • Should I consider out-of-state Triple Net Lease Investments?
  • How do I find a NNN Property in an A-location?
  • What should I look for with a¬†Guarantor?
  • What is the recommended lease term to consider?
  • What is an exit strategy and why do I care about that when I purchase a Net Lease Property?
  • How do I avoid the top mistakes of investing in NNN investments?
  • And much more!

Should I Consider Out-of-State Triple Net Lease Investments?

Compare the following two properties to help answer the question about considering out-of-state single tenant triple net (NNN) lease properties.

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The 7 Most Important Criteria for Single Tenant Net Lease Investments

What is the most important criteria to consider when purchasing a single tenant net lease investment? Listed by way of importance, the 7 most important criteria is...

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