NNN Lease Investments – Purchase Resource Information

Here we discuss matters related to the actual purchase of a Triple Net Lease Investment and questions such as:

  • What is a letter of intent (LOI)?
  • Should I visit the property before submitting an offer?
  • What financial analysis is important for NNN Investments?
  • Is it okay to pay full price?
  • Do I need an attorney for a Single Tenant Triple Net Lease Property purchase?
  • What is a tenant estoppel?
  • What are the typical timelines associated with purchasing Triple Net Lease property?
  • And much more!

Should I Visit the Single Tenant NNN Property Before Making an Offer?

It's crazy to think you'd make a multi-million dollar offer to purchase a property without even seeing it first, but in reality it isn't necessary. See why here...

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Should You Pay Full Price for an Investment Property?

Enjoy getting a deal? We do too. See how bargains are looked at differently for products vs. real estate and the factors that determine if it is a bargain.

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