Buyer Broker Representation Information for Triple Net (NNN) Lease Real Estate

Here we discuss the topic of broker representation for real estate buyers and questions such as:

  • Why should I have buyer broker representation?
  • Who pays my broker?
  • What are the major factors to consider when picking a real estate broker?
  • Should I sign an exclusive representation agreement?
  • What level of service should I expect from my broker?
  • What does my real estate broker do?
  • And much more!

5-Step Real Estate Broker Selection Checklist

How do you find a broker who represents YOUR interests the way it should be represented? Following is a checklist to use for selecting a broker that will represent you the right way.

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Why Should I Have Broker Representation as a Buyer?

It's nearly impossible for a broker to adequately represent both buyer and seller without a conflict of interest. Attorneys can't, why should brokers?

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